James Pollard, Chris Arcus and John Kurtyka playing at Cerulean Wine Bar and Gallery, feb 2018
James Pollard, Chris Arcus and John Kurtyka playing at Cerulean Wine Bar and Gallery, Pearl District, Portland, Oregon feb 2018

Chris Arcus, John Kurtyka and James Pollard are three misfits who love music. Their goal is to create  eclectic music that speaks to both the gut and  soul, helping both them and  their listeners find their center in these troubled times.

Originally Chris Arcus and John Kurtyka got together to simply play whatever came to mind and express who they are without thought of creating an audience. Chris had a background in jazz and the folk scene, whereas John’s musical experience was with rock and blues. Chris was continually amazed at John’s gutsy irreverent poetry that they were gradually converting to music, as well as John’s tremendous talent with the harmonica and flute. And John loved Chris’s ability to compose experimental music on the fly with the electric keyboard and  guitar with a strong jazz like beat, unerring musical composition and transcendent flights of fancy.

Eventually  James Pollard joined them. At first he couldn’t quite get what they were doing.  Soon, however, he became enthusiastic at the new musical freedom they were exploring. James’ amazing lead guitar and creative fire led them to realize they really had something that should be nourished and shared. Whereas they did wow the underground artistic circles in San Jose (as “Under The Bridge”),  it soon became clear they needed to escape the drudgery of an increasingly difficult financial existence and lack of artistic support by the general community.

All three ended up moving up to the Pacific Northwest in the space of 8 months. Here in the Northwest,  in just a year and a half, they have created roughly  20 new compositions  to go with the 10 they had created previously.

They rightly feel its now high time to share their work with the world, starting right here in the Portland, Oregon and  Vancouver, Washington area.

I urge you listen  to their snips on the music page and go to hear them live when you get the chance. Its my opinion these true originals will lift your spirits and help you deal with these difficult times. The depth and breadth of their work continues to amaze upon each hearing.

For more information, please contact  climatestrange1@gmail.com.

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